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About Us

About Us

As cyber crime like credit card hacking, smart phone hacking, email hacking, computer hacking, lottery SMS scams, net banking frauds are growing day by day. We have launched an anti-hacking mobile application for android and ios. The root of cyber crime is leakage of information, like mobile numbers, confidential documents, and credentials, personal selfies of women & children and celebrities too.

Cyber security and Cyber threats are now prevalent more so than ever. We at Hackshield have taken up on the initiative to make the virtual world much safer. The defenses in the virtual world are a quintessential now. The lack of know-how and the tools to deal with cyber threat has been making India a soft target for many.

At Hackshield we take it as a personal initiative to understand these cyber threats and deal with it in the very firm manner. We aim at making the cyber world as safe as we possibly can by using our knowledge & expert base and finding new cyber strong holds.


Hackshield stand out from the noise because we are a strong pillared team. Our team is the perfect blend of cyber security experts, cutting edge product developers, forensic recovery experts and also desktop developers. This backed up by a strong marketing team has allowed us to reach new avenues and milestones in cyber security.