Conquer The
Business World

The biggest ideas are made by the brightest
minds. Your vision will see the world changed and
make you successful. That presentation to a new
client could make the biggest difference. Or that
meeting with board members is a major changing

Work In A Safer
Online Environment

Corporate espionage isn’t new and today spies
have a powerful tool to steal business ideas and
secrets – your phone. Texts and emails can be
read, entire files stolen, and meetings can be
spied on.

The Safer Way To Work
On The Go

Invisible App scan prevents spy apps from seeing confidential business information or stealing your ideas.

The secure Vault is the place to keep important documents and top secret business data.

The Device Shield camera blocker prevents your phone from being used to spy on high level meetings.

More Protection

Device Shield

Wipe your phone remotely if it is
stolen without losing important

Data Leak

Check if your data has been
compromised by 3rd parties.

Devices Connected

Store multiple passwords &
logins securely.