What must I do for Anti-Theft to work?

HackShield app. You can do this on an Android device by accessing the permissions under the Accessibility Options. Thereafter you must enable and set up the Device Shield feature from inside the HackShield app.

What happens if my phone gets stolen?

If your phone is stolen you can remotely wipe your phone completely and lock your device by using HackShield’s Device Shield. Whatever data, files, photos or password you have stored in the secure vault can be recovered via HackShield at a safe time.

Can I check my network speed with HackShield?

HackShield has a built-in network test to let you see how fast your network is. It displays information about the ping time, download speed and upload speed of the connection being used.

Is my Wi-Fi safe?

HackShield checks what kind of encryption is being used on your Wi-Fi and alerts you if you are using an unsecure connection. You can initiate HackShield’s VPN Secure Tunnel if you need to use an unsecure network.

Can I make secure payments with HackShield?

HackShield creates a secure environment on your mobile device to make online payments. HackShield checks if the payment apps are secure, and at the same time helps you securely store and use cards and pins required for monetary transactions. HackShield also prevents unauthorised use of your cards by preventing the reading of SMS OTPs on […]

What prevents my data from being leaked via HackShield?

Your passwords, photos, files and social media logins are stored inside HackShield’s secure data Vault. This Vault is protected by your own secret pin or fingerprint, and can only be accessed by you. Nobody else can read this encrypted data once you have stored it in the secure Vault.

What does the Data Leak check do?

Upon submitting your email address, HackShield will check if any data associated with that email was hacked or leaked ever by cross checking our secure database of known hacks. HackShield will tell you if your name, email, phone, card numbers, or other data was leaked in this process.

What does the Secure Social Accounts check do?

We have all started using social media logins like the Google Login or Facebook login to easily access sites. Sometimes you may have unknowingly given permission to untrustworthy sites. HackShield checks what apps, sites and services have access to your logins and can take actions on your behalf.