What is the history of HackShield?

A complete cyber security product that delivers a purpose globally, digitally and consistently. HackShield is the first cyber security solution offering by the Skynet Group, a home-grown Indian start up, focused on SAAS products. It is the first of its kind application to cover ‘A to Z’ offerings in cybersecurity, bundled in one single application, […]

Can I be the beta tester for the Hackshield app ?

Yes, depending on the number of current testers, you can apply for the position of a Beta tester for HackShield at this stage. You can also apply to join HackShield’s Bug Bounty program, which is a reward program for security researchers who report bugs found in the HackShield app.

How much do I pay for HackShield?

HackShield has a free 30 days trial period. You can find a full list of features by edition on our comparison page. Post the 30 days trial these are the following plans; 1 device is Rs. 3999, 2 devices are for Rs. 6999, 3 devices are Rs. 9399, 4 devices are for Rs. 11,399 in […]

How does HackShield help me?

There are various modes by which a hacker or spy may infect your Android system to spy on you, steal your data, steal your money or take actions pretending to be you. Even on the secure iOS operating system, there are ways hackers can use unsecure networks or other means to intercept and steal your […]

How to buy a HackShield Ultimate plan?

Through the HackShield website www.thehackshield.com Go to the buy page of the website Choose a plan, the number of devices and duration, and click Buy Now Follow the steps to complete your purchase The activation code will be sent to the email address you specified while purchasing the app Through the HackShield App Sign in […]

What are the hardware and software requirements for HackShield?

Android A device must meet the following requirements to support HackShield: Device type: Smartphone or Tablet Screen resolution of 640×1080 pixels or higher 50 MB of free space in the device’s main memory Operating System: Android 6.0 and higher iOS HackShield is supported on iOS 6 and higher.