Cyber Security For When You Mean Business

Secure your entire network of systems and client
bridges actively.

With HackShield Real-Time Protection be assured that your data is always protected. This feature scans your system for suspicious applications and detects malicious content that can damage your device or cause data breach in real-time.

HackShield uses an innovative technology that delivers accurate protection against malicious software while preserving the performance of your device. Not only that, HackShield Performance feature aims to accelerate your device performance to offer you a seamless experience.

HackShield understands how important your data and privacy are to you. With a multi-layered threat protection approach, HackShield Data Protection feature actively scans your device for any potential threats and cyber-attacks.

HackShield Web Filtering is a feature that lets you restrict data and filter out undesired content. It empowers you with control by preventing cyber-attacks, increasing productivity and simplifying management for you.

HackShield Activity Analysis lets you evaluate your activity by breaking it down into subparts for detailed analysis. It offers you real-time control and insights to deliver improved security.

Keep all your external devices’ data secure and protect it from the risk of being misused with HackShield Removable Data Protection. With this you can keep your data and privacy from being exploited.

Optimize your device performance with HackShield Junk Clean Up. This feature removes junk and invalid files that tend to slow down your device and allows it to function efficiently.

Using the HackShield Remote Desktop feature you can remotely and securely interact with your computer by connecting to it from another location.

HackShield Admin Console is a feature that makes it easy for you to create as well as manage groups and end points of the clients. As it is a role-based administration, it allows you to share and delegate responsibility for actions, enforcing different policies for both onsite users as well as offsite users. Control policies and set up two workstations easily. A security policy you create once can be deployed across all groups. This feature also lets you track any threat to your security and events.