Family First

When it comes to your family, there are so many
moments waiting to be made. Capture every one
of them and keep them safe for the years to come.
Have those family dinners with complete privacy
and free of bothers. Let your family

Safeguard Your
Family’s Privacy

As your family explores the internet it is exposed to prying eyes. Your Wi-Fi network is as soft a target as your phone camera.

HackShield Is For
The Family

Keep your photos and personal moments safe from prying eyes inside the HackShield Vault.

Monitor the Wi-Fi networks you use for unwelcome guests and spying devices with Network Shield.

Block the camera on your phones so that your personal space is not invaded with Device Shield.

More Protection

Password Manager

Generate, manage and store all
your passwords


Securely store photos, and your
most sensitive data or files

App Permission

Check what extra permissions apps
installed have been granted