What Makes HackShield The Best

See why HackShield is the best complete mobile security and
how each feature protects you.

  • SCAN

We check if your phone has been compromised by hidden apps which are spying on you and stealing your data. These hidden apps can be uninstalled once detected.

Find out if any malicious apps or apps with malicious code are installed on your device. Even the most innocent looking apps could be secretly hacking your phone.

Prevent attacks on your mobile via USB Debugging Mode, which is a common mode of hacking mobiles when they’re connected to a desktop or laptop via USB.

Check if your device is rooted & unsecure. We check Rooting status on Android and Jailbreak status on iOS. Rooted or jailbroken phones give attackers more opportunities to attack you.

Check if your device is securely encrypted to prevent spies from reading the content of your phone.

Get a detailed summary of which apps are installed on your device and may cause you harm.

Make sure every payment app you use is free of malicious code and cannot be spied on.

We check if the Google Play Protect is turned on for your android device so that you get additional security.

Check if social media logins are being used without your permission by any 3rd party services.

Ensure your device is updated with the latest security updates pushed from official sources.

Make sure the websites you’re on are safe and do not contain malicious files or are taking malicious actions against you.

Ensure you get the complete security of an iPhone by making sure your iPhone isn’t jailbroken.

Checks to make if your iCould credentials are secured against hacking attempts with necessary authentication.

We check if your phone has been compromised by hidden apps which are spying on you and stealing your data. These hidden apps can be uninstalled once detected.

Check what extra permissions apps installed have been granted and revoke the extra permissions. Malicious apps often take extra permissions that are not needed.

See exactly which apps are installed on your device allowing you to have complete control of your device.

Make online payments safely inside the transaction mode of HackShield. This mode allows you to safely store and use cards, passwords and OTPs when making online payments.

Generate, manage and store all your passwords in a secure vault. We help you generate passwords that cannot be easily guessed, manage them properly and store them safely in a way that you can access them any time.

Securely store photos, and your most sensitive data or files. These can be private photos, business documents, or important college assignments even. We create a safe backup in our secure vault.

HackShield keeps an eye on your social media logins to check if you’ve been compromised in any way. We alert you as soon as we detect an issue.

Check if your data has been compromised by 3rd parties and take preventive action immediately. We check your logins to make sure you’re safe on all accounts.

Find out if any of your passwords have been compromised by checking across all known databases of leaks and compromised passwords.

Phishing links are some of the most common modes of putting harmful files on your phone or tricking you into giving up your login details. HackShield checks if the URL is indeed a trustworthy one.

Go beyond boundaries and use the internet securely with an unlimited amount of data with the HackShield VPN. The VPN lets you hide from cyber criminals and allows you to get access to content in other countries.

Ensure the Wi-Fi network you are using is encrypted and cannot be used by hackers to steal your data.

See exactly who is using the same Wi-Fi network as you are.

Make sure the network you are using is running optimally and secure yourself.

Prevent unauthorised attempts to open your phone

Keep a full backup of important files on your drive or ours

Do not allow your phone to leave a certain area

Find out where your phone is in real-time

Raise an alarm the moment your phone is moved or unplugged

Prevent your phone from going off & find out who has it

Get a notification if your SIM is changed and helps recover your device