Use Your Accounts
Online With Ease

Email accounts, social media, online services, and
financial sites all need their own passwords.
Making and maintaining multiple passwords is
essential to keeping your online presence secure.

Keep Multiple &
Every Account Safe

Making a strong password is tough, and even after
that remembering it can be troublesome. Hackers
and spies are always trying to steal your password
or guess them, and that requires multiple forms of
protection to be used.

HackShield Keeps
Every Account Safe

Generate, manage and store multiple & different passwords for every online account owned with Password Manager.

Check the safety of your passwords and the security of your accounts with Password Check & Data Leak.

Safely login to any account through a secure and unlimited VPN Secure Tunnel.

More Protection

Invisible Apps

Check if your phone has been compromised by hidden apps

App Permission

Check what extra permissions apps installed have been granted

VPN Secure Tunnel

Go beyond boundaries and use the internet securely