Shop To Your
Heart’s Delight

The latest sale has your attention. The dress you
really loved is in stock. Or you just want to get
groceries & pay bills. You make online transactions
every day and they make your life easier.

Stop Hackers From
Stealing Your Money

As you make online payments, you’re always at
threat of someone spying on your card details.
Hackers are even trying to spy on SMS OTPs to
steal your money. Phishing links are used to trick
you into giving them money.

HackShield Is For
Safe Online Shopping

Use the Transactions feature to avoid any kind of stealing attempt, including screen recorders.

The Anti-Phishing feature protects you from phishing sites made to steal money.

The VPN Secure Tunnel keeps your passwords safe as you use them on banking and shopping sites.

More Protection


Make online payments safely inside the Transaction mode

Root Checker

Check if your device is rooted & unsecure

Google Play Protect

Check if Play Protect is turned on for your mobile