Partner With HackShield

Make HackShield’s success yours. This is an opportunity to earn by helping sell
HackShield to more people and make their online world safer.

Affiliate Partnerships

We welcome partners who would like to earn
by promoting and selling HackShield via
their websites. We provide promotional
material and support for all our partners
and offer attractive commissions.


Vendors as well as service providers, can take
advantage of HackShield to protect users from
viruses, trojans, phishing attacks, spyware,
ransomware, spam and a wide array
of mobile threats.

Managed Service
Provider Partnerships

Handling security breaches is a major
concern for most companies. Expand your
managed service offerings and grow
your business with HackShield’s dedicated
MSP Program. Light touch deployment and
powerful tools, managed from a single console,
make it easy to deliver HackShield to
multiple seats, with no need for additional
hardware or software.

Whitelist Program

Our whitelist program is used to create a
database of trusted and verified software.
You can learn more about participation
in the program and add your software to
our whitelist. Being on the whitelist enables
your software to operate on a client
system with minimal intervention
from HackShield.

xSP/ISP Partnerships

Internet Service Providers, Mobile Communications
Providers, Bank, Insurance Companies,
Financial Services Providers or Games
Communities can all benefit from HackShield.
We can help boost revenues as well
as meet demands for greater security
by integrating HackShield into your offerings.

Official Distributors of HackShield Products
& Services, B2C and B2B

Find a HackShield partner located near you. We have a network of partners throughout
the world who sell our products and offer technical support.