Socialise Online

The likes, the views, the friends, the communities;
they’re all fun and games. Let the socialite in you
free and #LiveFearlessly as you navigate the ins &
outs of every new social media experience and
build your identity online.

Stay Social,
Stay Safe.

Social media users are at the most risk of identity
theft with so much of their information in the
public. Your reputation is also at risk from
malicious actors and there’s always someone
trying to gain access to your account to pry on you
or act as you.

is Social

Use Secure Social Accounts Shield to see if all your accounts are safe from miscreants.

With the Data Leak feature you can see if your accounts are compromised in any manner.

The Password Check will let you see which passwords need to be changed or have been exposed.

More Protection

Secure Social Account

Ensure your social accounts aren’t being used maliciously


Securely store photos, and your most sensitive data or files

Data Privacy

Make sure your data is secured from unauthorized use