Designed By Cyber Security Experts

HackShield has been created by cyber security experts who have decades of practical experience in dealing with
spies and hackers. Our experts have worked with various governments in tackling the
menace of cyber crimes and have designed a product which is tailor-made for your complete protection.


Your Shield Against Hackers & Spies On Mobile

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Securely store photos, and your most sensitive data or files

Password Manager

Generate, manage and store all your passwords

Devices Connected

See who else is using the Wi-Fi you are using

Tell us who you are

Each one of us is vulnerable to spying and hacking. HackShield’s tailor-made features will protect
you from all kinds of cyber attacks, and keep your personal and valuable data safe.
You can #LiveFearlessly with HackShield.

Frequent Traveller

Juice jacking & unsecure Wi-Fi put
your data at risk

Business Entrepreneur

Sensitive data must be secured
at all times

Online Shopper

Fraudulent websites are trying
to steal your money

Family Person

You most intimate moments
can be stolen

Social Media Enthusiast

Prevent identity theft online

Multiple Account Owner

Switch from unsecure notes to
a secure vault

HackShield - A Complete Mobile Security Product

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